The amazing health benefits of Dru Yoga

The amazing benefits of Dru Yoga

Dru is a graceful, flowing yet powerful form of yoga that improves strength and flexibility, helping to balance mind, body and spirit. Dru yoga helps to bringing about a feeling of stability, relaxation and harmony.

My classes help to increase energy levels, improve posture and strengthen core stability. Other key benefits are a reduction in back pain, tired muscles are refreshed and stress is washed away. Therefore helping you to cope with the pressures of modern day living.

All my yoga classes include the following, activation to warm up the body. Flowing energy block release sequences to free up stuck energy.Traditional yoga postures and sequences to increase strength and flexibility. Breathing techniques to balance the mind and body and help you find your inner still point. A deep guided relaxation to help balance you physically, emotionally and energetically. As a result you will achieve a feeling of peace and harmony. 

My Dru yoga classes are fun and accessible. While the restorative nature of the yoga makes them suitable for all abilities and body shapes. Furthermore all of the movements, postures and sequences can be modified so that the class is fully inclusive for everyone. 

Below are just some of the benefits that Dru yoga students from across the world have described.

  • 93% experienced an increased in spine and joint flexibility
  • 92% achieved an improvement in their overall body awareness
  • 91% found it easier to overcome negative thinking
  • 89% enjoyed a reduction in stress levels
  • 85% benefitted from enhanced energy levels
  • 84% reported a reduction in body tension which is a significant factor in reducing back pain
  • 84% noted a more upbeat mood
  • 83% felt more emotionally balanced
  • 82% gained an improvement in strength and stamina

Finally, to discover more about the exciting research into Dru yoga check out the link





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